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We wanted a place dedicated to sharing who we are, what we are passionate about, and what we do vocationally. We feel we have the best jobs in the whole world! We work with kids, students, and athletes ranging five years old all the way through college and we meet them where they are at--on campus and in the community! We have the privilege of teaching them about leadership and loving others well, and we use sports as a way to connect! Feel free to check out all the different things we do!


The organization we are serving with to bring hope to those we encounter.


The game we both love and use as a bridge to find common ground among people.


We use photography, video and words when necessary, to connect with those around us

Soli deo Gloria... To God Alone be the Glory...


This tour was great example of how the Kingdom of God is completely opposite to that of the world. The Bible says things like, “for my power is made perfect in weakness,” and, “whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.” (2Cor 12:9, Matt […]

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Jonah’s Trip to Mongolia!

Check out this video I put together of footage taken while Jonah was in Mongolia. Jonah went with an organization named FOOTBALL PLUS. They played top professional teams and also worked with local youth usng the game of soccer as a platform! So amazing how the game […]

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Camps come to a close in Palestine

Camps come to a close in Palestine

Our days of sports camps in Bethlehem have come to an end.  We did two morning/afternoon camps, took a two hour break in the middle of the day, and then did an afternoon/evening camp for a different group of kids. Although the days were long, we took […]

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A little Egyptian history…

Yesterday morning as we gathered to leave the camp, a few of the older boys came to say goodbye again. I could tell they were sad and hugged us like you would hug someone you dearly love. One boy told us that he feels as though we […]

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Days at Wadi

Okay! We are back! Sorry it has been a couple days since we’ve updated, but I (Lindsay) was sick for a day and then we had some issues with the internet and logging on. The first couple days of camp felt extremely long, and then as the […]

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Camp is in Full Swing!

I (Jonah) have had a couple of very rough and sleepless nights the past couple days, but managed to coach the morning session yesterday. I ended up being the only coach, because the others were sick, and Lindsay had to take photos around the camp. After the […]

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The campers have arrived!

The Campers have arrived! About 300 hundred Egyptian campers arrived today at the Wadi Sports Complex and they were excited and full of energy. The Wadi Sports Complex is pretty incredible and has so many different aspects to it. There is a HUGE turf soccer field that […]

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Going anywhere in Cairo by bus takes at least 45 minutes…or longer :0)

I don’t even know what day it is, all I know is that camp starts tomorrow and both Jonah and I are exhausted. Seriously, time zone navigation is no joke. I feel like a narcoleptic. I sit; I fall asleep. I ride in a bus; I fall […]

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Traveling Days…

Well. We made it to Egypt! We arrived at 8am Friday morning after about 31 hours of traveling and layovers. OHMYGOODNESS… I need a shower. As expected, a few things did not go as planned. We arrived well over the allotted time for our first domestic flight […]

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The Adventure Begins.

We have been wanting to start a blog for a while now. I know that is what everyone says, but here we are, finally doing it. What better way to start than leading up to a big trip and kind of an unknown adventure?! Jonah and I […]

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